Patent Drafting and Prosecution
The team at Infinite IP is highly skilled and has diverse technical backgrounds including previous USPTO patent examining experience. Our team has an intricate understanding of both sides of patent prosecution enabling us to draft and prosecute patents in a highly effective manner. Our diverse yet extensive areas of expertise make us an asset in collaborating with R&D teams, inventors and business leaders.

Intellectual Property Strategy & Consulting
Infinite IP can assist you in all facets of the IP Commercialization process. From freedom-to-operate and validity opinions to valuation and licensing, our expertise is paramount. We assist clients in identifying, defining, obtaining, protecting, managing and maximizing their Intellectual Property. We also assist in quantifying, optimizing and commercializing IP.

IP Creation, Portfolio Management and Competitive Assessment
We can help you identify opportunities by providing a high level, systematic assessment of technical and commercial potential. We can leverage your resources to maximize their potential.

Below are just a few services we offer:

Commercialization & Licensing
Whether you are the licensee or licensor, our expertise will enable you to maximize technology. We can assist in negotiating licenses or sales, help determine new sales channels and help foster joint development and ventures. We assist you with aspects of the commercialization process. We identify competition and develop marketing plans in line with your vision. We take a proactive approach and our expertise enables us to understand technology features and benefits, understand market dynamics and develop commercialization and assertion strategies.